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Independently owned and managed.


As working mums we know how important childcare is and the importance of knowing that your child is safe and well cared for and that this is key to your work routine. We wanted to create a service that was child focused as well as meeting the needs of parents, we will provide:


  • Quality

  • Flexibility

  • Education

  • Stimulating Activities

  • Individualised Care


We recognise each child as unique, we aim to provide the highest quality childcare education which promotes creativity and confidence, develops every child's skills and abilities. We are welcoming and friendly and work with parents to support partnership working that will benefit the child..

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What makes us different?


We have excellent ratios:

  • Babies - 1 staff member to 3 babies

  • 2-3years - 1 staff member to 4 children

  • 3-5years - 1 staff member to 7 children


These ratio's give children in our care the dedicated time and support they need to learn and grow, we tailor individual education plans that are delivered at a pace that is appropriate to each child's needs, maximising their capacity to learn.

We don't have classrooms full of children and few teachers, our classrooms have lots of teachers who are all trained professionals who are kept up to date with the latest methods in teaching in early years.

Our Philosophy

Upsadaisy provides a stimulating, welcoming atmosphere to encourage your child’s development.


We are passionate about providing quality Childcare and Education, we believe that children learn through play, interaction and teaching as well as being in a warm, happy and fun environment, this enables us to support each child’s individual development.


At Upsadaisy every child matters. Each Child is important to us and we want to promote their self development through praise, guidance and encouragement.


Above all we provide a secure, friendly and caring environment in which you as the parents will feel completely relaxed and at ease when leaving your child.

In The



Upsadaisy Nursery 551 Bellhouse Road, view our page and join our group to see updates and news. We are currently taking registrations for September 17 including the new 30hrs entitlement for working parents. if you would like a registration form please let us know, limited places will be available. Call today for an information pack or to arrange a visit on 01142 466650.
​July 17


Did you know you could have a stretched offer which means you can stretch your free hours over more weeks so that children have some free provision in school holidays too. We will be offering this option at Upsadaisy. Contact us for more information.

April 03, 2016


Did you know we offer flexible contracts to shift workers and those parents that work different hrs each week. We can provide a flexible contract that allows you to book childcare around your work commitments only when you need it. For further information please call 01142 466650

July 17

​Our Staff


We will employ a number of staff; 


Our team consists of 3 Directors:


  • Director of Practice Development, Safeguarding Lead, Shelley Whitworth

  • Director of Service Development and Special Education Needs Coordinator, Clare Quince

  • Director of Business and Finance – Karen Green


A number qualified staff and Room Leaders in addition to Nursery Assistants who are working towards a Childcare or Education qualification.


All our staff are subject to rigorous checks as required by OFSTED.


Your child will be allocated a key worker who will be the main contact in your child’s care, this person will oversee your child's development.


Staffing ratios will always meet or exceed the requirements of OFSTED guidance.

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