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All about our rooms...


Our Baby room suitable from birth to 24 months, it is full of stimulating activities and resources to encourage growth and development of a baby through to tots, this room also has a calm and reassuring feel and with our highly qualified and experience Poppy's staff it provides the perfect place for any baby or tot, with access to its own dedicated garden area which promotes opportunities of freeflow play. Ratios in this room are 1 member of staff to 3 children as a minimum.

Learning Zone

Here we facilitate small group work and individual learning activities to enhance opportunities for all children, this allows concentrated time focusing on certain activities away from the main nursery room, this helps extend learning. We also have a Snoozlem which is an excellent sensory experience especially for children with Special Educational needs.


Tulips room is a bright large room with two exits directly onto our large garden, it has lots of dedicated areas specifically created for any inquisitive 2 year old. Staffing ratios in this room are 1 member of staff to 4 children as a minimum. It is a resource rich environment that encourages development in speech, learning, development and enhancing social skills.


3 to 4 year olds - This room provides more structure as children start to develop and grow towards starting school, this team help children prepare for their transition to school life. Phonics, writing and numbers are naturally developed with each child to give them the best start on their education journey.

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